What is killing Ghana Premier League?

The Ghana Premier League is now at a stage where the least thing can cause it’s demise basically because the league has become so unattractive hence not reaping any benefits.We can all testify to the fact that,most Ghanaians do not even know when the Ghana Premier League takes off or anything about it but are so informed on other leagues like the English Premier League.The question at hand is,what is killing the Ghana Premier League?

Most Ghanaian players aspire to join team abroad.Not because they cannot play in Ghana but simply because their salaries are very poor and inadequate for them to cater for themselves.They believe that being part of teams abroad will get them paid as they deserve hence they will be able to cater for the needs of their family and themselves.Teams abroad offer very attractive packages like allowances to the players so most skilled and qualified players in Ghana leave the country to play for other teams abroad leaving very few skilled players in the country.

Also,poor facilities such as stadia make watching football matches in Ghana unattractive. Football association in Ghana get very little funding from the government to construct new facilities or even maintain old ones. Some of the facilities pose health threats to both the players and spectators with faulty and old electrical wiring and rusty seats. Why would an individual want to buy tickets to watch a match that will later bring him or her health problems?

Moreover, when the league is about to commence, there is very little advertisement on air – radio, television, etc. Football associations are not able to pay for advertisement because the little funding th you get has to be invested in something else. This makes very few football lovers in the country get to know about the league and its schedules.

If the Ghana Premiere League will survive, it depends on all Ghanaians. The government should pay more attention to football in the country and invest in its activities. Ghanaians should also follow and watch the Ghanaian matches to encourage the players that they have great supporters behind them so that the League can move from grass to grace.

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