Football Errors

Who said corruption is only among government officials and workers like policemen and ministers,corruption exist everywhere even in the game of sports.Let us bring to light the corruption in the field of football.Ever wondered how it happens?

Basically,it happens among football officials such as referees and coaches.A referee is the chief official in a game and is expected to ensure fair play.But this is not always the case.This is because,they mostly stand at the receiving end of this corrupt practice in the game.

Coaches of teams get well informed of the officiating referee(s) of match beforehand.This makes the corrupt transaction to transpire easily.Coaches meet referees behind the scene and make negotiations. The coach makes a proposal of offering an amount of money to the referee if he works on the behalf on the coach’s team to make them win. If the offer seems favourable to the referee,an agreement is made and sometimes part payment is made to the referee.

On the other hand,some referees adhere strictly to the rules of their job,hence reject such offers or even make reports to the football association. During football matches where such unruly agreements have been made,referees work purposely to make the team that made an agreement with him win by giving out unnecessary red and yellow cards and penalties to the other team members just to get others on a safe side.

It is up to football associations and others in charge to make referees work with the ethics of their job and when such practices are reported,necessary sanctions should be given to deter others from doing the same.

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